Founded in January 2014, The Top Bet have quickly established a reputation for clinical, profit-making football tips.

The team now has 4 full-time professional football experts acquired from various sporting relationships made over the last 18 months. All 4 tipsters have an impressive track record with over 18 years of uninterrupted profit between them.

We provide tips that aim to 'build the pot' over a season rather than long-shot options that tantalise and tease prospective punters rather than achieving their ultimate goal; to increase the amount of money in their back pocket!

Our PTS based system has also enabled us to systematically set a daily limit in terms of stake. This reduces risk for our subscribers and allows recovery should any shock result scupper a tip!

Looking Ahead

Our vision moving forward is to grow our network of subscribers and to bring continuous profit to The Top Bet project.

Eventually, we will expand into other sporting markets such as Golf and Horse Racing.

Above all else, we want our subscribers to understand our ethos and to have a real belief in our system.